Non-Disclosure Agreement


A Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) is a legal contract between two or more parties who want to keep information confidential and also define the access level by third parties. The information can be anything business related. The types of NDA is Unilateral – an agreement between two parties, where the receiving party is to keep the information confidential, Bilateral – an agreement between two parties and both share information and is expected to keep confidential and Multilateral – an agreement between three or more parties and where atleast one party shares information and the same is expected to be kept confidential by other parties.

Benefits of Non-Disclosure Agreement

Protection of Business Info

NDA protects intellectual property and other confidential information) from unwanted disclosure by employees, consultants, professionals, etc.

Prevents Infringement

NDA enables legal protections and options if another party infringe on a patent, proprietary information or any other protected information
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