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Legal & Accounting

Businesses of any size or domain are operating in an increasingly complex regulatory environment and with our deep expertise we can help you glide through the complexities.

Lack of compliance with regard to various statutory requirements will expose the organization to significant risks and hence it is imperative to replace informal compliance frameworks with well-structured and documented compliance processes. Similarly, keeping your accounting records up-to-date is a daunting process and further more maintaining it precisely is time-consuming and expensive process. Lexhive offers extensive range of back office services thatare tailor made to suit the unique requirements of each customer. Outsourcing can assist you in reducing your company's operating costs, increasing profits, establishing benchmarks and conformity to regulations.

At Lexhive, we provide complete package of company secretarial, accounting and tax services that fully addresses your needs and enables you to focus on your core functions.

Company Secretarial Services

We provide fully operational support and services to meet the requirements of the Companies Act that cover the entire life cycle of your business right from its incorporation. The Act demands lots of periodical compliances (board meetings, annual general, statutory filings, etc.), event based compliances (allotment /transfer of shares, addition/removal of directors, change of address, winding up, etc.) and accordingly maintaining relevant registers. We do not stop with incorporating your entity but also be your compliance manager helping you glide through the statutory requirements and compliances. Moreover, you can have a 24/7 accessibility of your statutory records from anywhere and any device through our cloud based storage.


Our expertise in finance functions includes day-to-day book keeping, periodical financial statements, etc. and our team is proficient with various popular accounting software, such as, Tally, Zoho, Odoo, etc. And we also provide your team with requisite training, tools and guidance to handle the first level accounting requirements. We further help you craft your ultimate tax strategy and subsequent year-end account closing along with filing of director's report.

Tax Management

Our tax experts ensure hassle-free filing of periodical GST returns, help you computing and on-time payment of tax. We further work on TDS, PT, etc. We have developed an unconstrained end-to-end solution facilitating a smooth filing of relevant annual returns. You will not miss your deadlines with our system of customized alerts and reminders.

Legal Diagnostic

Legal landscape is ever-changing and compliance requires a dedicated expertise. Missing out of simple compliances will turn into complicated hassles in the long run. Our comprehensive legal audit will assess your compliant status. We will assist you in closing the gaps and also ensure that compliance is part of your routine operations.

Financial Diagnostic

The financial health of your organization is critical for various reasons. It is an accepted fact, advanced algorithms and artificial intelligence have their own limitations, and only by human intervention real analysis can be done to look for values that are out of range. We perform the requisite tests on your numbers to see if they are within reasonable ranges.