Trademark & Copyright

A distinct name, brand or logo is a distinguishing identity for your company and similarly, sole ownership title to a creator is his/her exclusive right. Companies of all sizes or individuals are to protect new ideas, products, services, and publications. A registered trademark protects your goods or services from piracy. We steer you through those arduous processes and help you get it done. LexHive is associated with a network of experienced specialists that helps in all IPR activities such as TM Registration, Copyright Registration, and Patent Registration.

Trademark Registration

Trademark is a distinctive symbol or mark that helps a business identify uniquely in the market.

Trademark Objection Reply

As part of the trademark registration process, the Trade Marks Office may raise an objection for

Trademark Assignment

Trademark Assignment is the process of transferring the trademark rights to another party.

Trademark Renewal

Trademark Registration is valid for a period of 10 years. The same can be renewed and it is

Copyright Registration

Copyright Registration can be obtained for works of literature, art, music, audio-visual and computer

Patent Search

The patent search is an important step in the in the patenting process and is performed for

Provisional Patent

The provisional Patent application is filed prior to permanent patent registration to have an advance


The patent is an exclusive legal right provided by the Government for an invention. There are


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