Trademark Objection Reply


As part of the trademark registration process, the Trade Marks Office may raise an objection for various reasons. The applicant is to file a suitable reply within 30 working days for the same with relevant documents or will result in cancellation of the application. The registrar on scrutiny and finding the reply satisfactory will accept the application for further process.

Grounds of Trademark Objection and Response

Lack of Uniqueness

There are various grounds on which an objection can be filed. Devoid of any distinctive character and possibility of creating confusion to the public with an existing trademark of a product/service in the market, can be one of the foremost among them.

Proficient Response

An objection is not a denial, hence a comprehensive reply will have a positive result. The reply must highlight how the trademark in question is distinctive, non-descriptive, etc as the case may be. Filing a response professionally providing requisite details is must and it is always better to rely on precedents to support the arguments.
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