Trademark Registration


Trademark is a distinctive symbol or mark that helps a business identify uniquely in the market. Registration of a trademark starts with searching for the availability of the same at the database of the concerned authority. There are certain restrictions, like national emblems, identical, offensive, etc. While we can have TM certificate within three days it will take 18 – 24 months for a confirmed registered certificate.

Benefits of Trademark Registration

Unique Identity

A registered brand name, logo or trademark ensures a unique identity and prevents confusing the consumers by using same or similarly deceptive name for a similar goods/services by competitors that results in business loss in long term.

Intangible Asset

A registered trademark is an intangible asset creating huge value in the market. Owners of a registered trademark can earn royalty or even sell the same with premium.

Legal Protection

Registration of trademark prevent infringement of the same as the owner can approach the designated courts. Unregistered trademarks do not have this legal protection.
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