Web/App Policies


Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions page sets the rules for using a website. Though Terms and Conditions is not a legal requirement for a website, it’s better to have a defined version as the same will limit the liability of the page creator in a court of law. Further, it will protect the rights to the content contained on the website. The specific content included in Terms and Conditions will be unique to each business or nature of website. However, there will certain common subjects – limited liability, copyright, privacy policy and governing laws.

Privacy Policy

Information Technology Act mandates formal Privacy Policy if a website is gathering user’s personal data (such as names, email addresses or credit card information) even if it doesn’t have a Terms and Conditions page. A privacy policy is a document that details what personal information is collected from users, how it is used and how it is kept private. It has to be published in the website. A service provider can be prosecuted in case of violation of a privacy policy.


A website disclaimer states the limitations of liability of a website owner or publisher for the use of the website and the information it contains.
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